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As you read through the summary below, you will come to realize that, unlike some of the "clone" sites out there, our foundation is integrity and honesty... We take pride in our work, devoted to providing quality products and services to our community and abroad

We dedicate The Staten Island Web® for the advancement & future of our community
The Staten Island Web is:

In summary, The Staten Island Web® represents a growing, reliable, fully accessible system designed for & dedicated to servicing & promoting the needs, growth & value of Staten Island

Brief Overview:
The Staten Island Web® is the pioneer in World Wide Web services for Staten Island, leading the way with a true dedication to serving the needs & interests of our community®. This long standing commitment & investment in the cultural & economic growth of Staten Island is both our trademark & our service.

Founded as the 1st Staten Island WWW service in early 1995, The Staten Island Web has achieved global recognition, with continual access to its information pages, images, & maps of the Island on a local, national & world wide scale.

As a WWW project dedicated to serving the interests of locals & visitors abroad, it has freely donated a variety of services to the benefit of Staten Island, & coordinated efforts with S.I. Borough Hall to increase Tourism, Arts/Culture, & recognition of our Island's resources.

The Staten Island Web also offers local businesses a wide range of WWW development, hosting & software-aided publishing solutions.

If you are interested in our Business WWW Services, send us an E-Mail

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Our Foundation is Integrity. We conduct our business in an open and forthright manner in strict observance of ethical & moral standards, applicable laws, rules, & regulations. We represent an organization of dedicated individuals which produce quality products and services that contribute significantly to our community, our viewers, and our customers.

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