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I sure didn't. This was likely one of the oddest things I have seen in my life (so far).

We got there just before dawn, and knew that the flight would happen right as dawn crept up. So we wandered around in the dark for a while, freaked out a few moose deer (they are everywhere there!) and all of a sudden we hear this odd noise above us.

At first we thought, wow, look at all those birds. It looked like a scene from A.Hitchcock's The Birds and sounded like thousands upon thousands of sparrows. When we got a little more light we realized what was happening. Thousands of bats were making their way back into the cave at the exact same time that thousands of cave sparrows were making their way OUT! The sparrows, I guess were making all that noise so that the bats wouldn't fly into them!?!

Anyway, I know that doesn't answer your question {BG}, but if you ever get a chance to go there, DO! Its amazing.

One other thing that was pretty funny, I thought, was that we were wandering around in the dark without any concerns. Later that day we stumbled upon postings that there are mountain lions in the area and what to do if you spot one (which we did from a distance)! I guess I could have made a tasty meal that morning!


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