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Yes Dadoo, I'm glad you reminded me. I do believe it was "redhead" that snithched us out. It may have been Nick T's Mom though.

For the sake of the outsiders reading this, there used to be a brook or maybe it was a storm drain, that ran from LaForge Place through Burden Avenue all the way across to Blackford Avenue in Port Richmond. Back in the early sixties they piped it completely underground.
But in our early early days it was a magnet for two five year old boys. Of course hmstdboy was innocent and corrupted by Dadoo, as we had the thrill of our lives lighting matches beneath the road, playing in the brook.
We thought it was jail for sure when we got caught with that book of matches. OK Redhead, fess up...was it you that ratted?

Anybody else remember that brook?

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