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I've never been a hot dog connoisseur and after reading all the posts about Sabretts I'm beginning to believe I had a deprived childhood cause my parents would never stop at hot dog carts.

We do have a cart here in our little town. The original owner always had Essem dogs -- tasted pretty good to me. Recently it was purchased by an ex-NYC cabdriver (accent & all) and he imports Empire kosher dogs (from Connecticut)-- which taste pretty good too.

At home, I usually try to buy low or no fat dogs for my hot dog kings (I know, I know, but you have to cut the fat somewhere). So was my dilemma today as I cruised the market and got to the hot dog cooler. There they were, the SABRETTS. It was as though they were the only dogs in the case. It was as though the package was glowing in neon. I cringed as I looked at the fat content and the price. I put them down, I tried to pick up another brand -- but the pressure was too great. I felt like I was a failure to my SI roots. I had to buy them, I had to try them.

So, I took them home, followed Gina's steaming directions and we had them for dinner. I will admit, they were well worth it. They were great. I don't know if the younger hot dog kings tasted the difference, but the rest of us did.

Thanks guys!


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