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yes, actually I did, and that's when I realized that the children were unsupervised. There were 2 young children playing outside without supervision and there were about 6 girls inside that did not have a counselor for the entire day, they were just hanging around. The Director told the girls to get back to their group and was told that their group wasn't meeting. You would think that the Director would have procedures in place to ensure, lack of supervision did not take place, but that was not the case, she just said, "oh, I didn't know that" and "okay". My child came home in a bathing suit on several occasions, and was always starving. How you send a child home on a bus in a bathing suit is beyond me. The sad part was that the child got off of a bus at a sitter's house and would have to stay like that until, me or my husband came home. When I called Fun bubble to complain, nothing was done, it continued to be a constant problem.

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