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On 9/25/99 7:48:49 AM, newuser wrote:
>Has anyone had a terrible
>experience with FUN BUBBLE. I
>sent my child there for camp
>this year and was totally
>disgusted with their service.
>The children were
>unsupervised, unfed, and came
>home without their clothes and
>shoes. I've spoken to other
>parents who also hated it.
>Just curious.

newuser....My nieces have gone to FUNBUBBLE, but I don't think they went there for camp. I was in there MAYBE twice in my life, but that was a while ago. I'll ask my Brother-In-Law what he knows of the place when I see him. If I should find out anything...I'll post it here.

One question though: Did you ever just POP IN unannounced during a session??? That's always a good idea. Any place who is on the up and up, would not mind a quick visit, especially if the children involved are young.

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