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On 9/28/99 3:05:09 PM, Art wrote:
>Good going Harry! Ya really
>stirred em up with that one.
>Especially since the biggest
>fantasy is the assumption that
>one knows what the other is

Unlike you Art...I'll be direct and ~on the table~!!!

You took the joking that I said TO DJ a bit too... do we say this ....*LOL*....PERSONAL!!!!!

A Freudian reaction perhaps???


Relax Art... and don't forget to ~BREATH~ before you'll live much longer!


****Post Update: (Transaction time 9:20 AM EDT 2/29/99): The above post written by me yesterday was submitted prior to Art's editing of his own post which is above mine. Neither the picture that appears there now nor the text that follows it were in his original post.

****Editors Note: I guess he took my advice and relaxed! *LOL*


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