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Stanlej J. Singer-Col. USAF (retired)....

I couldn't agree with you MORE...and I wanted to tell you that! As far as I'm concerned, politically speaking, treachery and shenanigans abound with those two!!!! (And by that I mean the Clintons!) And you're absolutely right about the rest of what you said. It is time for every American to get up and STAND UP for all that's RIGHT and DECENT and PROPER! Todays children are so apathetic about politics, and you can hardly blame them! Look what they were born into? I'm sure that in the past deception and treachery were present too, but there was also some kind of LOVE and RESPECT presented to at least TRY to help combat the negativity.

My Father was a Navy man. By that I mean that he was IN the Navy. He wasn't an officer or anything, at least not that I know of. (I can't remember his exact title right now but it had something to do with the Medical part of it) Anyway, he was a SERVICE MAN! He served for his country!!! Many of you here have done the same thing, and GLORIOUSLY so! I think you should be TOLD THAT! I think that you should know that those that stayed here at home APPRECIATE your sacrifices! The sacrifices you all made came via a multitude of titles and they were carried out in a multitude of ways...but they were ALL sacrifices! You gave of yourselves FOR OTHERS! You gave of yourself for the protection of your countrymen. Today's children are being raised without really understanding that.

I was born in Tompkinsville, and for the first 6 years of my life I grew up in the Family Home there. The Memorial Day Parade and the 4th of July Parade were BIG THINGS then! At least they were for my Family. We never missed a single one!!! Every time it got to the part where the disabled vets would "parade", some with a limp, some without legs, and then others appearing "intact" but as I know now, really having wounds that just were not as obvious to the naked eye. H

Honesty??? I didn't understand it then. I didn't understand it one bit! As young as I was....I sincerely used to think: Yuck! This is the boring part. Why are these sick old men in a parade that (with the exception of THEM) is full of fun and excitement???? I just couldn't understand any of it.

Well, the Family moved to Westerleigh/Willowbrook...but the tradition of being in attendance for the Parades continued. I also continued to like the more "fun" parts better. I continued to NOT understand why they put the "boring parts" in.....

But for some reason, I just knew that I had to be off my mark ,and so I didn't give up contemplating it all!

I knew that there was something that I had to be missing because I knew that my Father was a bright and caring man, and that he wouldn't have us going to those parades just to see a bunch of cheerleaders or girl scout troops! He just wasn't that kind of man. He was a simple man. He was a quite man.

Well, I grew up. I grew up and so did my peers.....

....and then came Vietnam!!!!

ALL OF A SUDDEN....I got it!!!!!! I understood!!!! The men shriveled up in the wheel chairs weren't there as a pesky addendum to the parade simply to be tolerated!!! THEY WERE THE PARADE!!!!!! That was it! That's what I had been missing the whole time! They were IT! FIRST, LAST and INBETWEEN.........

....they were the PARADE!

And, as sad as it was that so many of the Vets I saw were disabled...they were in so many ways the lucky ones. At least they came home to their families!

Now I look at those Parades with different eyes. I no longer see the faces of the Vets that march in them as "unknowns". Even if none of the particular faces are familiar....they strike a cord in my ~*Heart and Soul*~....because in reality...we do know them.

If not OURS, they are SOMEONE'S brother, or cousin, or neighbor, or husband, or classmates or FATHER....

But....that's not the first consideration...

They are also PEOPLE WHO SERVED THEIR FELLOW MAN!!! There is no type of service higher than that, and that is enough to earn MY respect!

It doesn't matter who "won" or who "lost". It doesn't matter if the war was considered "just and popular" with the masses or not "unjust and unpopular" with the masses. These men still gave of themselves in the HIGHEST expression a human can. They did it with LOVE in their ~*Heart and Soul* that those of us warm and cozy and SAFE in our beds at home could stay that way. It's ALWAYS the intent that matters. It's ALWAYS the intent.

And so....while my Father is now gone from this plane of existence.....he left with me a very powerful that I pray I will in turn give to MY children....and that's a respect for SERVITUDE.

THANK YOU to all of you here who have served our Country! Thank You for your many sacrifices to do it. Thank You for giving your ~*Heart and Soul*~ for the land you love.

BTW....The Day my Dad passed on??? Well...It was Memorial Day! God certainly does work in mysterious ways!!!!!!

They draped my Dad's casket with our Country's Flag as we left the Church to go to the cemetery...and I held my Mom's arm as they carefully folded and presented it to her. As sad a moment as it was (and believe me, you have no idea how sad it was).....I was one very proud Daughter!!!!!!

It seems so trite an expression now.....but I now extend a ~*Heartfelt*~ THANK YOU to ALL of you who have given of Yourself....

....for our Country!!!!

We really do need our children to UNDERSTAND!!!


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