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at least you, patos, don't have a knee-jerk reaction to immigrants.

On one of your more salient points:
you say that you don't object to government funding for what I would guess you could call worthy causes (for poverty-stricken children for example), but not for art. Do you object to free concerts in central park too? Should corporate sponsors put more money into child charities instead of funding such hedonistic pursuits as listening to music or looking at art?
By the way, I happen to dislike the dung picture too. But there are other, in my view, fine works of modern art on display at the museum and the hedonistic among us like it.

I'm not trying to denegrate other peoples beliefs, but I do feel to state that any nation should be one nation under god has undertones of bigotry. I could explain now, but I have to go drink some beer (it's 10:30am already!) - If you're interested in my views, then please respond again. The debate, I find, is stimulating.


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