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I don't think anyone has said anything that has shown them to be a bigot. As far as funding for the arts yes I object not to just what I dislike but any funding from the government. I don't disagree with public money for many things but as long as there are people in the streets, children going hungry and no health care there should be no funding of the arts except for private contributions. And they should not be tax deductible. Once we get everyone in this country living well then we can address the funding of the arts and other such things.

As far as anyone being confused I don't think there is and you my friend appear to be the angry one as you are the one calling names. We just have a different opinion then you and it appears our concerns are different as well. I object to money or other public assets such as exhibition space being used to disrespect my or anyone else's beliefs while you are more concerned about free beer. I am not minimizing your concerns but rather respect them and suggest you make this your top priority to get the beer flowing freely. And when you do have them send us all a few cases for which we will thank you.

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