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This a free country and people have a right to express themselves as long as it is not pornographic. They do not have a right to the public purse. Although I no longer live in N.Y. it involves me too because I'm sure federal matching funds or grants were involved. I believe the Mayor did the right thing and applaud him for it. On the tv over the weekend some one from the Catholic league was speaking out against the show esp the picture of Mary. The liberal pundant was saying it was the right of free speech being violated. The liberal said the artist was even a Catholic so it was O.K. . I'll guarantee that artist has been missing Mass lately. If someone had done the same to a picture of Allah or Farrakan their would shouting in the streets at the very least. The mayor should have gone further had tests performed and if in fact it was fecal matter as claimed it should have been destroyed as a health hazard and people should have been cited. Not only locally but I'm sure there is a federal statute regarding the importation of fecal waste into this county. Atta Boy Rudy!

(DO a word count Donna LOL)

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