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WOW! Margurite SOOOOOOOOOO Did I...have a couple of readings by Janet Wright...small world again.

I still have part of a tape & notes from the last readings she did for me back in May or June of 1976...Janet did what she called "a life reading" for me from birth to wheneverrrrrrrrr...

WHOA! was JW right on - really could freak a person out sometimes if they let many things she said did & have happened...a little out of sequence but the events an sometimes obstacles she said would be in my futures path did appear and were dealt with accordingly...really they DID & WERE...matter of fact there's more to come...a few of lifes little pings but nothing too serious or out of the norm...for the most part it's all good :)

Toooooo funny :)

HEY! maybe, just maybe JW is the reason we found our way to this web site and connected...nahhhhhhhhhhhh...but then again hmmmmmmmm guess we'll never really know. But we can still have fun guessing, can't we LOL


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