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OT & JD my dear extended "Left Coast Family"

As always you're in my heart and in my special prayers...wishing "U" both the best in life. OT ya better tell JD I'm gonna flap my wings and fly out there to hide his TV clicker so he can get some exercise l^oo^king for it and spend some of that "day napping energy" so he'll sleep at night.

It was great talking with "U" on the phone this afternoon. I was also relieved to hear the Maureen is staying with you to help out and watch oVEr "U"

OT "U" MUST give yourself a break too. Go rest when Maureen & the rest of the Daniel's clan comes by to visit/help...I swear they really DO know how to handle things without your l^oo^king over their shoulder, checking on em & giving Motherly instructions - LOL. - they're the greatest and I know they all pitch in with love & caring where needed.

Give JD a GREAT BIG ((((HUG)))) for me an a whisper of I Love You, you're the best...

Love & ((((HUGS)))) to "U" too OT - talk w/ U again soon.


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