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A Request For Prayers

Dear Fellow Staten Island ~Gatherers~,

Today I chatted with our Dear Friend OT (a.k.a Marcene) via a few E-mails and she shared much with me....just as she has many times...but today was extra  poignant.  She shared all of the fun details of her Daughers recent Wedding, which was very lovely, and she also shared with me the difficulties that she and her husband John have been facing.  For those who don't know, John is ill.  He is very ill, and he has been for a while now.  That's why we haven't seen much of OT.  My request (with her full permission) is for all of the Prayers and Love that you all can possibly summon up, to be sent their way.

To be a bit more specific:  John's request is simply that he find ~PEACE~.  Marcene's request is that John's request be answered.  That's the way love is.  You always want for those you love, what they want, not what you want.  She made that point crystal clear.

Soooooooo with that in mind and ~*Heart and Soul*~.....I now state my petition~~~~~~

{{{Marcene and John}}}.....Until your request is answered, You will both be in my Prayers from this day forward.  May God Hold You Both In the Palm Of His Hand during your difficulties and May You Both Feel His Perpetual Light and Love Shining Upon You.


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