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Hi Gary!
Welcome to the USA :)

WOW! some of my best friend started out as aliens...LOL - the earth like kind.

Sounds to me that if all goes well with your career, you're here to stay. It takes a while to adjust and find your way around. My guess would be that it will take "U" about two years to settle in and feel comfortable with your new surroundings.

My Mom is from Manchester - she met my Dad during WWII, they married, lived in Cheshire for a few year before coming across "the pond" to the US. It was just as much an exciting adventure back then, as it is today.

I still have lots of family in the UK (Argentina too) - they LUV to come here and visit so they can soak uP the sun & get the chill our of their bones.

No matter what time of the year it is here their visits goal is "ALWAYS" to go back l^oo^king like they've been on holiday in Florida/US LOL - carrying memorabilia from Mickey & Minny Mouse Land, sand in their shoes, wearing a cowboy hat topped by a sun visor and a GREAT tan...ROFL We enjoy every bit of them being here and have aching sides the whole time their here, from laughing so much at their wonderful Brit humor & aunts and a couple of cousins fell in love with country western dancing while here on holiday a couple of years ago - and felt right at home when went to couple of English Pubs in the Fort Lauderdale area - darts, fish & chips, bitters, and all :)

I'm living in Florida now so I can't tell you much about the night life on Staten Island these days. I do know, when I was back for a visit two years ago I headed for places that I was familiar with since I was a kid (ya know..the day b 4 yesterday LOL ) place being Nunzio's on Hylan Blvd. & Midland Ave. for the BEST pizza around.

I still find New Dorp Lane a pretty friendly place to go to meet people. The shop owners & workers are a friendly lot, ez to speak with - they seem to always have good info. about what going on in Town & around SI.

There's a couple of "pub type" establishments that you may want to visit. The people who frequent them are again quite friendly so there's a good possibility of your connecting uP with some new friends.

Now I'm not saying these are the places for club like night life - what I'm inferring is that it may be to your "settling in" advantage to meet some friends on "The Island" first, then possibly adventure out with them on the weekends to explore the night life fun. What I experienced when I was there is that many of them were single and in a cheerful "meeting & greeting" mode and I felt very comfortable in a friendly way.

The Village area of Great Kills (Giffords Lane & Amboy Road) holds the same kind of friendy atmosphere - it's a bit smaller but a good place to possibly meet some new friends for outings.

I think it's worth your giving it a try.

Shhhhhhhhhhh don't tell Margie and the others from Tottenville or any town past Eltingville...BUT we always felt they lived out in the boonies at "the end" of Staten Island. They lived out of the main stream - tooooooooooooooooooooooo far away from civilization & the more socializing population of The Island LOLLLLLLLLLL -

I would suggest "U" don't only focus on going to NYC for night life & social activities. Going over be bridge to New Jersey always worked well for lots of us - there used to be lots of great dance clubs on Routes 1 & 9 and I'm told there still are. You're gonna have to explore the NJ adventure on your own cause I'm bad on giving driving directions for New Jersey. Much more to do "over da bridge" then in Tottenville...

Now DON'T "U" Tottenvillers get me wrong..."the end" of "The Island" was and still is fine BUT just a little too laid back & quite for me...not to mention that it always seems sort of isolated by distance from the rest of The Island - that ride along Hylan Blvd., Amboy or Arthur Kill Roads, heading towards Tottenville takes foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr & a day.

Gary enjoy your new living adventure & keep in touch.


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