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I know, I know 1999 ISN'T oVEr YET!
Soooooooooooooo post now and keep coming back to this thread and posting more "stuff" as 1999's days continue.

On this day September 23, 1999

DJ-Lost is still tasting last nights Sabrett hot dogs & onion sauce...LOL

It was announced on the news this morning that sadly George C. Scott, 71 years of age passed on yesterday afternoon. Famous for his long heralded movie career George C. floated peacefully uP to the Theatre in the sky...they needed a STAR for and uPcoming role in Heaven.

Wellllllllll folks...the sky is rumbling & striking very static bolts here in South Florida and is about to empty those HUGH storm clouds on my I'll c u'all later after the Angels finish their bowling tournament...LOL


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