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A Millennium is simply a period of 1000 years. The first millennium began nearly 2000 years ago, with year 1 A.D. Because there was not a year 0 A.D., each succeeding millennium (and decade and century for that matter) must begin with a year ending in a number. For example, the first 10 numbers are 1-10, while the second ten numbers are 11-20; similarly, the first millennium is year 1-1000, the second one is year 1001-2000. Technically, therefore, the third millennium does not begin until year 2001. However, people over the world are preparing to ring it in a year early, on December 31, 1999.

Yahoo has a pretty go "count downer" and a bunch of millennium links

How bout we do this:
In the reply posts it would be nice if everyone would reference THE YEAR they are posting about. Post and "year stamp" whatever you'd like...a memory, something important, funny OR as many different or interesting things they can remember for that year.

*Please when you're posting to the thread click on "REPLY" and not "quote/reply" I don't think we need to have every message duplicated - it will make them too long. If you want to add to a particular line or couple of lines that you feel are important in the prior post, just copy/paste that portion of it to your response & make reference to the post persons name.

We cover a W I D E range in ages and knowledgeable tid bits of Staten Island and The World on this web site - I know on the original SI-WEB Site Carlton Biel (sp) was way uP there in his 90's and a GREAT SI / NY Historian. Carlton would have a friend post great Staten Island tid bits that we all enjoyed.

A quick calculation makes me think we have Texas John's daughter Lana in Plano Texas on the young end at about 14 years old and I'm not quite sure of the Golden Years top range but if I remember right somewhere back in time, someone posted that they were in their 80's.

The memories of the young are in process of being created, the mid-years babies are 1/2 way to sanity with many steps still to climb. The Golden Generation has seen & done what many of us can only imagine. They are always willing to teach the world how to be proud, hold on to ones integrity, carry humble pie in your pocket, love long, respect and care for your fellow human being, and enjoy all that a good life has to offer.

Youth is not wasted on the young.
It will be forever embraced and carried forth in to time
with grace, and in cheerful those who will forever be...
~*~Young At Heart~*~


Gina Lettieri


~*~*~ Staten Island ~*~*~
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