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Thank You for the feedback. If you can possibly get me the time of birth, that would help even more because believe it or not the transiting Moon changed Zodiac Signs on that particular day and since the position of the Moon is very ~telling~ in a chart in a number of would be good to know where HERS was before I say anything.

I will say this quickly though. If it was a morning birth, chances are she has an Aquarian Moon, which would certainly explain her Humanitarian and Social side, but it would also hint at some kind of disruption in her early Mothering. Now, I just want to make it clear that, should her Moon indeed turn out to BE an Aquarian one, that I'm not making a judgement analysis here. Not at all. It could be something as simple as her Mother being ill while she was younger making it necessary for her to be ~taken care of~ by another for a while. If that was the case though, it would result in her feeling a bit isolated later on in life. Psychologically speaking, the bond one has with their Mother is VERY significant. Another manifestation of an Aquarian Natal (Birth) Moon would be that she was an adopted child. That's not AT ALL to mean that everyone with an Aquarian Moon is "adopted" *S*....not at all....but I have done a number of charts where it was true.

There are really numerous ways in which the "disruption" can manifest....I'm just trying to give you a few examples.

To give you one more example I'll let you know that the birth chart for the United States of America has an Aquarian Moon. Now, WHAT you may ask does that mean when I said that it hints to a "disruption in ~Mothering~"??? Well, were we not part of England originally? Was SHE not our Mother Country??? We ~broke~ away from English rule...and THAT is when and how AMERICA was born! However, while our tie to England "technically" ended ...we have still always been VERY MUCH tied....

....only in a different way.

To say the very least, our connection with England has always been an UNUSUAL one! (And BTW "unusual" is another keyword used to describe the Aquarian Energy.) We "broke away" from England yet we all still speak ENGLISH, don't we? We broke away from England claiming that we didn't want to be ruled by a Monarchy and that we didn't believe in the ~Royal~ thing, and yet, what do we CONSISTANTLY do here? We elevate, to a ~Royal~ position, all of our Celebrities as well as our Political leaders. We claimed that we didn't believe in ~Royality~ but yet, didn't we unofficially call the Kennedy's and all that they represented "Camelot"???

Oh heck! I could go on and on and on *LOL*.....and I did JUST THAT in my paper! *S*...but I think you'll see what I mean! Yes? Believe it or not, this was actually just a brief explanation re the U.S. If you're ever interested in reading my Paper on the rest of it all, I'll let you know when I post it on my web site. I might also try to get it published in one of the Astrological periodicals as well! *LOL*

Anyway, the other possibility for her (if the birth was later) would be a Piscean Moon. The Piscean Energy pattern is a very difficult one to explain in ordinary words. It's a nebulous, ~Spiritual~ energy. It's also dualistic. (It's symbol is two fish one swimming upstream and one swimming downstream.) If this woman has a Piscean Moon, either she saw her Mother as a Savior kind of woman, protecting even those that were not "hers"....or she saw her Mom as disfunctional and it was necessary for her to take care of HER! The Piscean energy, when manifested positively is very gentle and very compassionate. When it's manifested negatively, it can be on the sneaky and/or childish side as there can be enormous mis~trust of others. It can also manifest with a fluctuation between those two expressions. It's known as the Martyr/Victim energy. The bearer makes the choice!

O.k.! That's all for now! I'll wait a bit more on the rest of the reading to see if you know the TIME of birth!

And BTW...I just want to throw in this statement for the benefit of ~*The Silent Ones*~....

Least there be any misunderstanding AT ALL, I'm not trying to imply that there are any "better" or "worse" energy patterns. Energy is neither inherently GOOD nor BAD. It's the way in which it's used that makes the difference.

Love & Light~*


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