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Nice! I like that alot. Thank you for sharing it.


On 9/23/99 9:20:50 AM, sipoet wrote:
>Hi all,
>Happy Equinox. It is a
>beautiful day here on SI today
>-- real fall weather. The sky
>is so blue and clear, you
>could drink it. The light is
>still soft, glorious golden
>and it's just chilly enough to
>wear a sweater. Thought I'd
>post a poem for the first day
>of fall. It's a revision of
>last year's first day of fall
>poem. It's still under
>construction, though.
>Autumn in the Sweetgum Forest,
>Blue Heron Pond Park
>The wooded voice stilled,
>I sift the poems
>from the sweetgum loamy forest
>Island Mother -- cafe brown
>her rich confetti
>cascades through my hands.
>Syllables flake between my
>slipping, darkening
>the lines of my hands
>the lines of my poem.
>Sweetgum leaf skeletons
>trochee dancing tremble
>in the September wind,
>catch my coat, my thighs
>where I kneel -- petitioner
>to the deepening orange
>Filtered through my fingers,
>superfine pieces of
>dead-leafed poetry
>flutter to earth
>leaving fragments of twigs,
>phrases and blighted seed pods
>in my upturned palms --
>Autumnal offering
>rejected by a sweetgum Muse
>whose silence bids me look
>into my own heart --
>out of the litter of falls
>and write.

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