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Hi all,
Happy Equinox. It is a beautiful day here on SI today -- real fall weather. The sky is so blue and clear, you could drink it. The light is still soft, glorious golden and it's just chilly enough to wear a sweater. Thought I'd post a poem for the first day of fall. It's a revision of last year's first day of fall poem. It's still under construction, though.

Autumn in the Sweetgum Forest, Blue Heron Pond Park

The wooded voice stilled,
I sift the poems
from the sweetgum loamy forest floor:
Island Mother -- cafe brown breast--
her rich confetti
cascades through my hands.

Syllables flake between my fingers,
slipping, darkening
the lines of my hands
the lines of my poem.

Sweetgum leaf skeletons
trochee dancing tremble
in the September wind,
catch my coat, my thighs
where I kneel -- petitioner
to the deepening orange canopy.

Filtered through my fingers,
superfine pieces of dead-leafed poetry
flutter to earth
leaving fragments of twigs, stems,
phrases and blighted seed pods
in my upturned palms --

Autumnal offering
rejected by a sweetgum Muse
whose silence bids me look
into my own heart --
out of the litter of falls past--
and write.

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