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Hi Bob - so good to hear from you.

I tried replying the night you posted but I gave uP after losing ISP connection several times.

OK here's the ESP part...that evening we were taWking bout ya. I was at my Mom's having a late dinner and of course a cup of tea, with no crumpets LOL - "cheers, pip, pip & all that" :)

We were watching the news uPdates about all the the Hurricane Floyd damage and discussing the phone calls we had both made to check on family & friends to make sure they were all OK - all on SI & uPstate NY fared well but the ones in Jersey did have some property damage :( - nothing too serious but surely enough to be a bit uPset about. Over all I guess everyone made it through the storm pretty well - thank God, little damage & no injuries.

While talking Mom mentioned Ed, one of my brothers old band buddies that he called to check on - poor fellow lost everything. Ed was in the band in the early 70's when they played gigs in "The City" at CbGb's, The Mud Club, Copperfields and oh so many others. I'm not sure if you knew him or not.

"U" know how it name leads to another and YOURS came uP...Mom asked if I had heard from "U" lately and if I knew how any of your family still living on the "Right Coast" made out during & after Floyd. Told her I would e-mail you when I got home to check and when I signed on WHOA! there "U" & bio

WOW! taWk about ESP - we mentioned your name somewhere between 11:20 PM & 11:30 PM. I came home when the news was over - I read your post and it's time stamped 11:31 PM LOLLLLLLLL Hey! Were your ears buzzing or what? It was too funny in a good way. I called Mom right away and read her your post & your bio - she was happy to hear it, cracked uP laughing at parts, thought it was very good that "U" joined the Coast Guard when "U" did & even more happy to hear about your family, knowing you're all doing well out there on the "Left Coast" :))

So next time "U" get a buzz (in your ear that is) know that we're sending ya the best of thoughts via ESP.


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