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Re that BirthDate you gave me....

September 25, 1939

I'm going to leave some quick info for now but I will return with more.

O.k.! I don't know who this is (perhaps YOU? *S*) but the person with this date of Birth is an Old Soul. They are a MASTER Teacher. I'll explain.

This interpretation BTW is via Numerology, not Astrology, but I'll get to that in the coming days. Numerology is as ancient as is Astrology and is founded on the premise that everything in the Universe is not only composed of energy but that THAT energy vibrates to a very specific vibration which can be easily determined. There are 2 very well used methods which are entirely different systems. One is the Chaldean and the other is Pythagorean. I've studied Pythagorean Numerology since I was 14 so that's where most of my knowledge is. I HAVE given the Chaldean system a cursory study but since my expertise is with Pythagorean, I'll present that. BTW this is the same Pythagoras who gave us the infamous Theorem as well as the Diatonic Music Scale.

The overall Numerical Vibration for that Date of Birth is: "11" It's arrived at as follows: 9 (from September) + 2 + 5 (the digits of the date) + 1 + 9 + 3 + 9 (the digits of the year) = 38. The "3" and "8" then get added together to make the "11".

As I said, 11 is considered a Master vibration (there are other Master Vibrations) and is only given to an older soul. BUT....that does not make that Soul any better or more valuable or worthy....they just have a different "mission". The mission of one with an "11" vibration is to INSPIRE others to achieve THEIR purpose. Since this particular "11" is the product of a "3" and "8" that means that in all likelihood this INSPIRATION will be done via powerful (the "8") communications (the "3").

September 25th also happens to be a ROYAL card in the Deck of Cards...or Tarot for it's the Queen of Hearts (or Cups). The Queen of Hearts is known as the "Loving Mother Card". If this person is You, or another male *S*....don't let the "QUEEN" throw you. That doesn't mean "feminine", it just means that there is an enormous amount of nurturing energy that emanates from the bearer of this vibration. They're also VERY intuitive! Even if they don't realize it, their antenna is always up, and ~PICKING UP~!!!

O.k.! That's all for now as I've got to run....but I will return~~~~

Love & Light~*


P.S. Let me know if any of it ~hits~ home to you!!! *S*

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