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On 9/23/99 6:15:09 AM, Dadoo wrote:
>This could be sub titled
>"Those Guys with the Hot Dog
>Carts. But we always called
>them Dirty Water Hot Dogs.
>And man they were good. At
>certain times they were even
>better than SI Pizza. You
>could walk up to the cart
>order you a steamy hot dawg
>and the water they were
>floating in look like used
>dishwater. But they had the
>greatest taste. So here's to
>the Hot Dog the most
>perfectest food God put on the
*LOL* That's soooo true about the dirty water! We all use to say that too but I didn't know other people did! I guess it's an alchemy thing! Hot Dogs + Heaven Only Knows What = GREAT TASTE! *LOL*

Yeah for those Beautiful ~Unknowns~ that life has to offer! (And BTW...If anyone KNOWS what's in that water...PLEASE DON'T TELL ME! *LOL* I think this is one of those times when ignorance IS bliss.)


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