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Above all I'm happy to hear you're feeling better & uP and at em...Locating Sabrett must have given "U" healing inspiration LOL - nice fellow isn't he? He took the "DJ-Lost has a NY craving" call right in stride...must be the NewYaWker in him LOL - I never imagined he lived so close to you...that's GREAT...just a hop, skip & a jump.

Sooooooooooooo "U" got the WORKS HUH! WOW! It's a hot doggie party evening at DJ's house.

Now remember "U" never boil a Sabrett, just steam em and enjoy. I often use a double boiler type steamer...put a layer sauerkraut then sabretts on top, cover and steam...mmmmmmmm good.

If you're feeling adventurous, Ya can even spice it uP a bit (ya know a pinch) w/ cayenne or crushed red pepper...OHHHHHH IT's SOOOOOOO GOODDDDDDDDDDDD :)

Puhlezzzzzzzzzzz after stuffing your tummy full of Sabretts don't blow any hot dog, onion stuff & kraut burpssss this way LOL

So happy to hear "U" connected uP with Jeff the Mr. Sabrett of Arlington, Texas - small world aeh? Now you're just gonna have to invite him over for some of dem Wise Potato Chips & homemade pizza :) Bet he'd feel right at home with u'all.......



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