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I used to love dressing up like a princess. I think that I must have worn that costume like 3 years in a row.

One year, when urban cowboy was a big deal, I dressed as a cowgirl for a party. I still to this day go to the costume stores (I use my son as an excuse lol) and think about what I would wear if I were a kid again.


On 9/22/99 9:06:05 PM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>O.k.! We've finally gotten a
>day of fall~like weather here
>on good old Staten Island.
>(Yessssssss!!!!!) That cool
>crisp air always makes me
>think of Halloween and the fun
>I had as a child. I don't
>know about the rest of you,
>but I'd plan what my costume
>was going to be from probably
>the day after the previous
>Halloween. Strangely though,
>I'd usually end up being
>pretty much the same thing
>which was a Fairy Princess or
>something like that!
>I surprised ya'll didn't I?
>*LOL* You probably thought I
>was going to say a Ghost or a
>Witch or something like that
>heh? *ROTFLOL*
>See that???? You learn
>something new EVERY DAY!!!!
>What was your favorite

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