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I just met da Hot Dawg man! Actually, thanks to Gina, Jeff (aka sabrett) just hooked up about 2 hours ago.

What a nice guy! He actually lives less than a mile from me. My husband, my son and I swung by his house to meet him, but alas, we had an ulterior motive!

We bought 5# of dogs from Jeff! I am gonna be nice and share with my brother and sister :). We got some onions and some kraut too! We look forward to a long term relationship with the hot dawg man!

Gina, he mentioned some crazy lady from Ft. Lauderdale area who called him. He couldn't remember your name, but I assured him that YOU! were what brought he and I together! lol
He was happy to hear that you got a chance to post his sites up on SI-Web. :)

Talk to you all later, I gotta go eat a dawg!

-One happy gal (DJ)

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