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On 9/22/99 6:18:00 PM, Rich LaDieu wrote:
>just wanted to say hi to all
>of you. been gone for more
>than a week on travel
>throughout new england
>visiting family. my last stop
>before return home was staten
>island. attended a reunion at
>mt loretto last saturday. met
>a log of people i don't
>remember personally, but many
>were there when i was there.
>in anycase, island appeared
>the same as when i visited in
>june. many changes since i
>was a kid growing up in the
>50's and sixties, especially
>around mariners harbor, port
>richmond dungan hills and
>great kills.
>keep the memories alive.

Awwww Welcome back ~*Home*~ to the ~Gathering~ Rich!!! It's ironic heh? You came to Staten Island to visit, and yet you're ~*HOME*~ here when you left Staten Island! *LOL* It's kind of one of those oddities of life....but a BEAUTIFUL ONE! I happen to be one of those people that think the Internet is FANTASTIC!!!! It brings together...and KEEPS together....people that ordinarily wouldn't have been able to!

Technology! It has it's down~side, to be sure...but I really do think it has more pluses than minus's! S*

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