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Hi rich...and gary!!!!

Rich! Have you really "been there done that" with regard to the Pub thing? Cool! I have a whole bunch of UK friends who just live through the week do to the Pub thing on the weekend! *LOL* I'm serious! In fact, not only do they do the Pub thing...but they do something else with it too called: Quiz Night! Maybe Gary has done it too! *S*

Gary...Oddly enough I was going to ask you this the other day....

While in London, did you ever do the "Quiz Show" thing in concert with the Pub Night thing??? (I think they go together!) I'm not totally clear on the details of exactly what "Quiz Night" every time I think to ask for an explanation my friends have been too ....ahhh....looped... to really do the explanation service *LOL*....but....that aside, it does sound like alot of fun!

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