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Thanks for the nice comments. I would recommend that you buy Jonathan Moreno's book. It is well written and includes a good discussion of the Willowbrook State School Experiments. A number of BioMedical Ethics texts discuss the dilemma of hard earned advances in medical science at the expense of ethical transgressions. The Willowbrook experiment is right up there as an example of what can go wrong when scientists are the only one's involved in deciding who needs to know or consent about what is done.

I got into some conversations on this web board about Willowbrook in the past. There is a reference to a Reviews in Infectious Diseases article that discusses the experiment from the perspective of the chastened scientists who realized they had made gains but at the expense of significant loss of trust in the scientific community.

This is the URL to that SI-Web "Archive":

The Willowbrook experiments are also discussed in the final report from the President's Advisory Commission on Human Radiation Experiments (PACHRE). I first got to meet Jonathan Moreno (The Author of "Undue Risk") when he served as a senior policy analyst for PACHRE.

There were other issues about Willowbrook State School besides the experiments that made the media from time to time. These were mostly concerned with real or perceived problems with the care of institutionalized seriously handicapped individuals. Most recently Geraldo Rivera was involved in bringing those problems to the public. I believe there was a movie made about it as well.

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