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Hi Art, Hi Everyone,

Art, I enjoyed the links that you provided. It was cool to hear your voice on the radio. Sometimes I wonder if we are all real or not. I've been fascinated by accounts of medical experiments on unwitting subjects. It's good to hear that the army is doing things right. Comforting, actually. I've been wondering about the hepatitis Willowbrook trials. Can you recommend any good reading on the subject?. I expect that it will find its way into my Staten Island epic that I'm planning to write -- "From Aquehonga to Shao Lin"

The only good non-school related book that I've read lately is Dreamland, a book about old-time Coney Island. I can't remember the author, but it was a good read -- not as spectacular as I had heard, but a good read nonetheless.

Well, regards to all from a cold and dreary isle of dreams ---


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