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The only difference between you and me was opportunity. I put the blinders on in order to focus my energy on what my folks expected of me. Consequently, I missed out on a lot of life while I was young. My life's story would probably put folks to sleep while your's would perhaps be adventurous with more twists and turns, ups and downs.

I admire people who derive pleasure from reading, and share that pleasure through writing. Being dyslexic, I had to struggle very hard just to read what I needed to get by and it clearly was not a pleasure.

You mentioned Richard Preston's Hot Zone and other related books about BioTerrorism and Biological Warfare and the "Cold War." Where I work figures pretty prominently in those books although I have been more of spectator of the depicted events since they involved my boss and several colleagues.

My story is told in various media. Most recently it will appear in chapter 8 and 9 of Jonathan Moreno's book entitled "Undue Risk." It is due out on the first of October. Here are some links to several sites including one to Barnes and Noble where Moreno's book is reviewed.

If you want to hear Art talk about human subjects, listen to Joanne Silberner's "All things considered" presentation on "Project Whitecoat." (click on the hotlink, then click on "Project Whitecoat" when you get to the NPR Archives. You may need a RealAudio player.)

Art is the guy who did it right according to Philip Hilts' article about "Undue Risk."in The New York Times?
This link will take you to Jonathan Moreno's new book that deals with State Secrets: Medical Ethics

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