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She just wants to babaloo, too - M. dowd; Fresno Bee, 12 Sept.

Hillary ... likes to think of herself as Eleanor Roosevelt. Bill ... likes to think of himself as jack Kennedy. But the couple are a lot closer to Lucy & Ricky. ...

... Lucy didn't like waiting at home ... while Rickey was babalooing & having a glamerous career at the club. She was always coniving to get in on her husband's act. She wanted to be a star too.

Hillary never wanted to wait the East Wing while Bill was out babalooing & having a glamerous career in the West Wing. ... She wanted to be a star, too.

This is how we always end up tangled in these dizzy policy messes loke the contretemps over clemency for the Puerto Rican terrorists.

We keep getting yanked back to the Clinton's kooky connubial deal, which seems much more '50s than '90s. Huaband strays. Wife gets mad. Husband brings flowers, & if he's been really, really bad, the healthcare portfolio.

Whenever Bill tries to placate Hillary for his naughty behavior, giving her a political gift in return for a personal betrayal, he turns into a caricature of a bungling '50s husband, losing his shrewed political instincts, doing anything just to get bsck into her good graces.

Bill repaid Hillary for her "60 Minutes" appearance that saved his campaign after Gennifier ... by giving her health care (diaster) & going along with her wish to have a female attorney general ... (diaster).

Bill can never pay off his debt ... because he's always falling falling into arrears. After Hillary had to pay the Paula ... settlement, & after the Monica humiliation, the sky's the limit on what the president owes his wife as she begins her own political career.

The clemency flap crystallizes how downright strange it is to have the first lady running for Senate in a state where she's never lived, while her husband is still ... making decisions that have a big impact on New York and that race.

The Clintons deny they ever talked about that clemency deal - even though the first lady told Talk ... that they talk constantly. ...

But it's a measure of how much public trust the Clintons have lost that as soon as they say they did not plot the clemency deal to help ... win the Puerto Rican vote ... we suspect they did. ...

The Clinton's new dream house ... So Hillary could hit the right demographics for her Senate bid, & project a wholesome suburban image, the couple bought a house that seems as wrong for them as that Connecticut farmhouse did for the relentless urban Ricardos ...

Its like ... Dick Morris poll-tested their vacation options & sent them west on a camping trip.

You know the Clintons would rather have had a tony co-op in Manhattan. But the most disturbing part ... is its financial strings. The Clinton resources have been strained by their legal debts & the $850,000 payment to Paula ... most of which came from Mrs. Clinton's blind trust. We have a president who cannot qualify for a mertgage.

The $1.7 - million ... house was financed by Terry MaAuliffe ...

Although the arrangement is legal, it is one more ...debt for a couple who never got out of debt, emotional or financial.

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