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Thanks MadameT. If they make a movie out of that book and get it anywhere close to half-way right, I'm there.
And Colonel, if you think my bio is impressive...phew. Thanks. With your background, have you read any of Richard Preston's stuff like "The Cobra Event" and/or "The Hot Zone"? Are they accurate? Was "The Andromeda Strain" far-fetched or remotely possible? Are there any other hard-science, accurate fiction books out there that are good reads?

I like your web-site theme of art and science blended...I think that in our society we think they must be separated and we suffer because of it.
After I dropped out of school I read somewhere that every book that is taught at Harvard or Yale is in a library somewhere for free; I am still trying to read all of them.
Finished a pretty good book by a man named Guy Claxton called "Hare Brain-Tortoise Mind". He writes about how in todays society we dismiss the sub-conscience (tortoise) mind in favor of the analytical (hare) mind. Very well-written and funny to boot. One of the things he writes about is the TOT phenomenon, where we know something and it's on the 'tip of our tongue' and we remember it later when we aren't trying to chase it down.
I'm in the middle of a funny/sad book by a Pulitzer winner for fiction for 1994..."The Shipping News" by E. Annie Proulx. (Don't even ask me to pronounce that). I know it was '94 but there is so much to get through. She is funny and brilliant.
Anyone else read anything decent lately?

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