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Hi Gary!

I'm sorry to hear that your Hotmail isn't working today. I have an account there that I rarely use and it's always getting stuck! My tutoring job for today was cancelled so....I'm here when ordinarily I wouldn't have been and I can answer (hopefully) some of your questions and respond to your post.

O.k.! Regarding my ...ahhhh...errrr....ohhhh....heck... "huge amount of posts here" *LOL*.....

Don't let that mislead you about my "position". I'm just one ~Staten Island Gatherer~ amongst many! *S*

Although there may be an almost Universal conception of NYC as a bunch of ruffians *S*....I'm positive you'll come to know Staten Islanders for the Sweet and Warm ~*Hearted*~ people they are.

Re your being from London: Ah Ha! I thought so, or rather, I had a {{{feeling}}}that you were, and so I ~went~ with it. *S* Ironically, for one who has never travelled across the ~Pond~ (as my British Friends refer to it)....I have come to know (very well) what life in London is like. I get to see it...through their eyes...and their words of course......but I do get to know it.

I happen to know (at least I BELIEVE I know) that there are two distinct parts to London. Yes? There is the Theatre District part and then there is the Manhattan~esque part of it complete with oodles and oodles of office buildings. One friend owns an Animation Company (in the Theatre District) and the other Friend is part owner of a firm of the other part.

Did you ever happen to go to Coventry Gardens? *S*

Re your looking for work as a Journalist: Am I to take that then that you have not as of yet landed a position? If so, I wish you well! I'm a writer also! At one time I had my own column in a weekly Brooklyn newspaper. I absolutely loved it!

Re Tottenville: *LOL* I can't really say much about Tottenville as that town is located on the South Shore of the Island and I happen to live on the North Shore...but I'm sure that what you're feeling is just the new~ness of a brand NEW life. Give yourself...and Tottenville some time. It'll come together. I'm sure of it. As far as it being a place that "people go to die" *chuckle* I'm not so sure the Tottenvillians (Sheesh! That didn't come out sounding too well did it? *LOL*) will like hearing that, but, I do know what you mean. *sheepish grin*

I think you'll find that by and large Staten Island in it's entirety is a quiet place.

Re your interests: I understand! I too like "conversation".... and politics have always been on MY list of top 10 too...but we lose the ~synchronicity~ when it comes to the beer! *LOL*

As for Baseball: I'm sure you've heard of the Yankees! Yes? Well, Staten Island has just recently become the home of the Yankees farm team. That home is located on the fields of the newly refurbished local Community College which coincidentally also happens to house many other Cultural events. A place called: "Snug Harbor" is another area you might want to check out.

O.k.! I'd better run for now! Let me put my thinking cap on for some more suggestions and I'll also ask my son tonight if he's heard of any good places that I might not know of. I'm sure that the other ~Gatherers~ here will also be filling you in with some great suggestions!

It was great chatting with you and Thank You for your lovely words!!!


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