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Hello Donna

Judging by the huge amounts of posts I've read from you at the staten island site, you ARE the wecoming commitee, the one people bounce off, respond too and react too.

I am indeed from London and looking for work as a journalist. So, you are correct to say that manhattan holds no fears for me, but staten island is sooo quiet. I'm in totenville and it has the feeling of a place where people go to to die. Don't get me wrong! It has it's good points but there is no night life to speak of - unless strip joints is one's "jones". And they're no mine.

But beer and conversation are my things. I'm also a little partial to political debate and have fallen in love with the ascetics of the game of baseball (it's a lot like cricket in England).

Thanks again for responding to my post - I hope the above will inspire you to some suggestions that will provide me with a new perpective on Staten Island life.


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