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On 9/21/99 2:39:35 PM, gary_knows wrote:
>I'm a brit, new to nyc and
>staten island. Where are the
>best places to go??

Hi "gary_knows"! I'm not exactly the official ~Welcoming~ Committee or anything *LOL*...but...I do happen to be a Staten Islander...sooooo....Greetings and Salutations!

I happen to have a number of good Friends in the UK but to date, they've mostly just visited here. Actually one of them has just moved here, but "here" would be the U.S. not NYC. (He actually moved to the state of Washington.)

So! Is it a culture shock for you here or WHAT? *LOL* BTW....what part of England are you from? I guess if it was London it's not THAT big a change.

As for what the best places to go here on the Island are.......well.....perhaps you'd like to specify what kind of things you're interested in doing. That way we won't all be sending you to the Library if you're looking for a Pub! *S*

In any event...Welcome!!!!!! Of course I'm prejudiced...but...

I think you'll really like it here!

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