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Hey to my friends, (Hi Gina and Mrs. C. and John...-Hi DonnaL and Mario)in Fla who survived the "Big Blow":
Glad you all are OK. Storms weren't like that in SI, right? Remember; what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
Being an ex-Coast Guard fool I always crack up at the idea of a storm "moving safely out to sea". You should feel what a Category 4 feels like on the water!! They used to tell us, "How the hell are you going to save anybody tied up to a dock? Cast off, stupid!" {{"But chief, can't we just go get a beer someplace dry?"}} There is a Great Book: "The Perfect Storm" by's a terrific and terrifying read.
Hang in there (and hang on!) and take care.
---thanks very much to our webmaster for his [human] help..see my bio---
Best regards.
Bob Wilson

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