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The SI Advance has put uP an "After Hurricane Floyd" Photo Gallery with shots from around "The Island"

The picture of St. Andrews Road, Richmond Town is just about around the corner from where I grew uP on McCully Ave. Guess the only thing that's changed is the date LOL - after marrying we bought a home on Lawn Ave. a couple of blocks away - OUCH! that 100 year rain in 1969.

The day after we closed on our first house the basement flooded so bad the water was going in one basement window and out the other. Thank goodness for the SBA Loans / Grants the Gov. set up to help ease the financial burden for repairs, after all the damage around SI.

We contracted Tony Venditti and he dug the basement deeper - YEP! we scratched out heads thinking "HUH how's this gonna keep it dry". Well he knew what he was doing cause he made this HUGE dry well type trench all around the edge, before pouring the new concrete floor and slightly grading it to the sump pump.

His "keep it dry" theory worked GREAT - we were able to finish the basement and had many New Years parties down there every year till me moved to Florida in 78. Only time we really had to worry a bit was when the electric power was out and we were having heavy rain at the same time...not to worry, if it lasted any length of time Con Ed people were GREAT - they would bring us a generator so we had portable power to make sure the pump would always be able to work.

Just triggered a memory:
LOL at the first party Tony V. ... lets say "had a bit too much of liquid fun" and fell asleep on the floor...when he finally work uP about 5 AM as we were just starting to serve breakfast to the "all night party hardy crew" he said "hey this is the first job I every fell asleep on"

The picture in our photo album of Tony V. sleeping with his words written at the bottom always brings a giggle & smile of great party times we had with our family & friends on SI.

Still kid that we lived on Lawn Lake & St. George River when it rained.

Take a l^oo^k at the Post-Floyd pics - they show lots of familiar places on The Island.

Stay Dry


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