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JB....That is absolutely adorable. To be quite honest with you Church is a VERY funny place at times! LOL (Won't they just love hearing that! *LOL*) Anyway, I've said it before and I'll say it again....whoever writes those Responsorial Psalms that the populace is SUPPOSE to repeat should start thinking SMALL!!!!!!! It never fails! The lecturer says something like: And the Responsorial Psalm will be: "May the Perpetual Love and Light of of the Sacred Heart Of Jesus Christ be the guiding force within Us!" (I'm making this particular one up because in all sincerity I can't REMEMBER one of them verbatim.)

Do you know how SLOPPY a long sentence like that sounds with 1000+ people at a Mass all trying to remember and synchronistically repeat it??? You remember it the first time...and of course you say it (Sort of! *LOL*) but after that, only the gist of the message is with you because the exact order of the words are a blur. They're always beautiful responses...but they're WAY TOO LONG!!!!!!!!!!! I think at least half of the people just move their lips and mumble and whenever I see that.....

...I just can't seem to hold a laugh in! *LOL*

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