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On 9/14/99 6:54:42 PM, sipoet wrote:
>I can't imagine how funny that
>was! Suppressing church laughs
>are the worst. . .

I ain't so sure why it isn't OK to laugh in church. I once knew a Jesuit priest from the Philippines who was off filling in at some parish for a weekend and he found himself in the pulpit reading this announcement:

"Next Saturday morning there will be a special blessing for all recent mothers, all expectant mothers, and all automobiles. Automobiles parked in the driveway will not be blessed."

He said that the whole crowd broke up at that, and he was afraid that maybe they were laughing at his pronunciation, so he looked around at them and said: "This is not mine," and that really brought the house down.

Sounds perfectly healthy to me.

Jim Donnelly

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