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OBEE, I'm glad you enjoyed the Spaldeeeeens. Although you have a four day no-hitter going, you failed to inform the rest of us that your boys are only 11!!! Meet me in the Hosler/Crest Cadillac lot, and we can get a good game on, like the old days. Who's bringing the BenGay for our arms though?
I too played stickball with my boys and when the ball broke in two, they had just as much fun playing with the two halves.
Great memories on Homestead Avenue playing punchball, curbball, and stoopball with the Spaldeens that we bought at Jerry Faciglione's Candy Store on the corner of Rainbow and Richmond.
Remember when Mrs. Lopez would wait on her steps for the ball to go on her lawn, then she would grab it, take it in the house, cut it in half and throw us the cut ball? That ended our game fast!!! We got even though, on Halloween!

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