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Memories are wonderful. The iceman/coalman, the Good Humor and Eskimo Pie trucks, punch/stick/stoopball, Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Giants, Coney Island fireworks viewed from Midland Beach, movies in the open at Midland beach, swimming in Bradys Pond or Midland Beach or Tomkensville pool, skating at the New Dorp Roll-A-Rink, hamburgers at Cosmos, dogs at Deppies, rides at South Beach, ice cream cones from the corner store, malts at Marty's, watching movies from the balcony of the New Dorp Lane theater, New Dorp vs Curtis football Thanksgiving Day, the SIRT, the original "Big Red Boat" out ferry, Kenny, Bubby, Roger, Joyce, Mary Carol, Joannie, Betty Jo, and so many other people, places and things to cherish. I've thought of visiting Staten Island but decided that I am better off with the memories. The changes that have taken place in the 44 years since I left would be to much for me. I'll relive what I can with you all but will never return. I truly enjoy your posts and the time we spend together in the chat room. Harry

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