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I vaugly remember them talking about Einstein. I can't recall or say either way on what they were saying about him though.

Let's set up some time to chat, let me know what is good for you. BTW, I did not get a chance to go get that book yet. I think it would be faster to order it from than it would be for me to run to Barnes and

Re: Stir of Echos... is there any specific correlation to Kevin's character being thirsty with the experience? I have never heard of that one before.


On 9/19/99 5:48:09 PM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>The Past Life 1:1 conversation
>sounds GREAT to me!!! *S* As
>I'm sure you can well guess, I
>love chatting about that
>stuff! *LOL* And re The Blair
>Witch Project: To tell you
>the truth...I think the ending
>was STINKY! It was a cute
>idea, and the public relations
>people did a bang up job on
>promoting it...but the
>promotion was better than the
>product in my estimation.
>When it ended I said to
>myself: WHAT??? Is that all
>there is??? THIS is the movie
>that everyone is talking
>about???? SHEESH!!!!
>Anyway, while I've got you
>here (so to speak) there was
>something that I wanted to run
>past you for confirmation. Do
>you remember the beginning of
>the movie Stir of Echos when
>they're talking about
>Einstein??? Do you remember
>them saying that he's a
>"GEMINI"???? Neither my
>husband or my son does but I
>could swear that that's what
>they which case...I
>hate to tell their researchers
>but they are WRONG WRONG
>WRONG! Einstein was a
>Piscean. I have his chart!
>I've had it for a long time.
>He not only doesn't have his
>"Sun" in Gemini he has NO
>prominent Gemini action at
>all. He does have some
>transpersonal planets there
>and some asteroids as well,
>but they're not a major issue
>as they're in his 12th house
>which is known as the house of
>Soooo If I did indeed hear
>Ner ner ner ner ner to all of
>HOLLYWOOD for making the boo
>boo! *LOL*

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