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The Past Life 1:1 conversation sounds GREAT to me!!! *S* As I'm sure you can well guess, I love chatting about that stuff! *LOL* And re The Blair Witch Project: To tell you the truth...I think the ending was STINKY! It was a cute idea, and the public relations people did a bang up job on promoting it...but the promotion was better than the product in my estimation. When it ended I said to myself: WHAT??? Is that all there is??? THIS is the movie that everyone is talking about???? SHEESH!!!!


Anyway, while I've got you here (so to speak) there was something that I wanted to run past you for confirmation. Do you remember the beginning of the movie Stir of Echos when they're talking about Einstein??? Do you remember them saying that he's a "GEMINI"???? Neither my husband or my son does but I could swear that that's what they which case...I hate to tell their researchers but they are WRONG WRONG WRONG! Einstein was a Piscean. I have his chart! I've had it for a long time. He not only doesn't have his "Sun" in Gemini he has NO prominent Gemini action at all. He does have some transpersonal planets there and some asteroids as well, but they're not a major issue as they're in his 12th house which is known as the house of THINGS THAT ARE HIDDEN!

Soooo If I did indeed hear correctly...

Ner ner ner ner ner to all of HOLLYWOOD for making the boo boo! *LOL*

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