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Here in TX, they call everything a COKE. Doesn't matter if it is Coca-cola or not. You ask for a Coke, and then tell them what kind....

"I'll have a coke... Make it an orange."

Go figure!?! And everyone here drinks that nasty Dr. Pepper. Yuck.

Does anyone remember the Big Apple Soda? And what ever happened to Nehi's?


On 9/19/99 12:32:25 PM, The Great JB wrote:
>On 9/19/99 10:30:19 AM, patos wrote:
>>Ya think that's why my wife
>>and kids think I talk strange.
>>To this day they are not
>>allowed to have pop but can
>>always have a soda LOL
>I spent a few years in Boston, where you
>couldn't have pop and you couldn't have
>soda. What you could have was tonic.
>Jim Donnelly

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