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Same here. Saw 6th Sense on opening night. Also, liked Stigmata better. I really dug the cinematography (sp). I still think 6th Sense was one of the top movies this year, but your right- Stir of Echos out shadowed both 6th Sense and Stigmata...

Also, Blair Witch was good, but I think it was a whole different thing. Can't really put my thumb on what specifically was different about it though.

One day you and I will have to chat about Past Lives 1:1. :)


On 9/19/99 7:43:50 AM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>On 9/19/99 12:10:23 AM, DJ Lost wrote:
>>I saw Stir of Echos today. If
>>you haven't seen it ya' got to
>>It was really good.
>>Saw Stigmata last week, and it
>>is a little controversial, but
>>really good.
>>-DJ (the movie critic of SI
>OH WOW! This is getting freaky DJ!
>*LOL* I too saw Stir of Echos
>yesterday, and I also saw Stigmata last
>week! A week or a couple of weeks ago I
>saw Sixth Sense.
>WOW! Stir of Echos was FANTASTIC. I
>thought Sixth Sense was the BEST until I
>saw Stigmata (which I absolutely
>LOVED)...but they were both Eclipsed for
>the #1 spot in my estimation with Stir
>of Echos!
>Ahem...Do you all notice how so many
>~Spiritual~/~Metaphysical~ movies are
>popping up now! *BWG*
>I tell you this now *S*..there will come
>a Time when I'll be ~Teaching~ all of
>YOU guys..
>... some of what I've learned in my
>various Incarnations!!!
>Love Ya ALL!!!!!!!! (Yep! I said ALL!
>That means even ~*The Silent Ones*~.

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