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Dadoo where did "U" say "U" were playing handball w/ them Spaldeennnnnnnnnnnnn's. R "U" guys letting any of "us girls" in the game LOL

In Egbertiville & Oakwood we very often played Punch Ball on the streets. We played just about all year cept for late Spring, early Summer each year when for some reason the guys seemed to want to play Stick Ball (in retrospect I guess it was the start of baseball season and they wanted to practice being a Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle(sp) or someone like that) - out they would come, brandy new Pink Spaldeen in each pocket and their Mom's broom or Dad's leaf rake handle in hand all nice & ready w/ black tape wrapped around the holding end.

When we'd had enough moving out of the way of neighborhood traffic a bunch of us would head for the hand ball courts. In Oakwood P.S. 50 was the place and in Egbertville it was either hike down to P.S. 28 in Richmond Town and take the chance of getting kicked off the courts by the older kids - (Harry Lockwood & Looney Lanahann(sp)& friends R u reading this) OR stay right in the neighborhood and head for the Freeo garage doors...not wanting hike to far before dinner, most often it was the Freeo garage doors. One of the Mr. Freeo's (HUGE FAMILY so we had several Mr.& Mrs. Freeo's in the hood LOL) had constructed a 3 car garage (or was it 4 car DOTTY & BETTY FREEO where R U to clarify this) in the back of his house and used what l^oo^ked to be finished 1' thick plywood to do the front and the hinged doors - Mr. F. was a concrete mason so the garages had a GREAT concrete slab in front of them. There was only one bad pop-shot place on one of the doors - it was a hinge that stuck out and if the Spaldeen happened to hit the hinge the poP off & uP in the air would send it into Betty uPs (we always referred to Aunt Betty uP and Betty DOwn which defined 2 of the homes where Betty Freeo's lived in that were back to back) vegetable garden which was over the fence and in the next yead.

A bunch of us kids (ya know the ones born yesterday LOL) would take our Spaldeen's, go to Freeo's garage and play Hand Ball for HOURSSSSSSSS at a time.

We were all pretty good at the ball type games and beat the helllllllll out of our Spaldeen's for sure. When the Spaldeen had finally had it and was dead out of bounce some clown would often cut it in 1/2 and pretend they had them "store bought" things that for health reasons they caution us woman not to implant today - guys have ALWAYS had this "want a chest" thing LOL

Don't know about other neighborhoods but where I grew uP there were never any issues over guys and gals hangin out & playing together - for the most part we were all together as a group most of the time (get those minds out of the gutter I didn't mean THAT kind of playing) ROFLMAO.

SooooooAHHHH Dadoo where'd "U" say that Hand Ball game is and when does it begin? I just need a bit of time to round uP the old Hand Ball / Stick Ball Team......


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