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Hiya Marguerite!!!

I might as well start off by saying that when I said we should have cameras in the classroom I actually said it kind of tongue in cheek *S*....(which I told Gina on the phone yesterday)....but in all sincerity, I truly do think that we need SOMETHING done. The situation I spoke of is horrific and it's growing exponentially.

While I was on the phone with Gina I also read a HUGE post to her that was intended to be a response to what Erika had posted but unfortunately I lost that post because by the time I got back to my computer after the phone call...I had lost my computer connection and had to reboot.

To make a long story short, my stance is this: TEACHERS need to be held accountable. They have way too much protection, autonomy and freedom. There needs to be SOME sort of monitoring system. The indiscretions I alluded to in my earlier post were serious ones. That they occur is nothing short of a human travesty.

A Doctor takes the Hypocratic Oath! Yes? And, should he be found in violation of that...sanctions are taken against him. Right? Priveliges are removed. Yes?

If an Attorney does something improper...what happens to him? He/She gets dis~barred! Right?

What happens to a teacher who acts improperly? Well, after a bit of shuffling around (which gets them out of the principals face as well as that of angry parents)...they get TENURE! WOW! A present for not only not doing your job well...but for screwing up! Tenure is tantamount to a plastic bubble for someone with an infectious disease.

Tenure? I'd like to know makes TEACHERS so almighty special and above the rest of the crowd?

Now, don't get me wrong. I love TEACHING. I adore TEACHING. However, I think EVERY vocation, advocation and profession can and should be done in purity. I don't care if someone flips hamburgers in Burger King to earn their keep....the job can still be done with integrity.

That's it! It's all about INTEGRITY!!!!

While I really did kind of suggest the cameras in jest....

I do have a few points to highlight here:

We DO have cameras in the Court Room! We DO have cameras at Intersections (Lights)! We DO have cameras in stores and banks and a whole host of places that the average person would FLIP about if they really knew.....

So what's so FRIGHTENING about cameras in the class room.

I personally have nothing what~so~ever to hide when I I have no fears what~so~ever about anyone viewing anything! (I'm saying this more to Erika than to you.)

My response Marguerite was not just in regard to the "jaywalking" it was in regard to systemic decay!!!!! Way too many children today are growing up with hate and anger in their hearts......

..and like it or not.....

...all of that spills right out into mainstream society sooner or later.

Teaching someone to "think" IS a huge job....and it's a SACRED job. It's really a vocation....IF it's done properly.

For a teacher to "curse" at a child is absolutely horrific. My Daughter had a teacher in Junior High who routinely said the "F" word. That is an academic infraction if I ever heard one.

I absolutely agree with you that if it was done on a fluctuating basis (which is what I suggested from the onset) that it WOULD give the teacher insight.

It would also serve as a protection for the Teacher should there be any kind of trouble with a student.

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