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Net Detective....I do believe you when you say that you didn't come to this conclusion without putting considerable time and effort into the analysis. I know that there is software out there that facilitates tracking and in fact I once had it in my possession for some investigative journalism I was doing at the time...but I made the decision not to use it and gave it back.

I'm sorry Rob2 but as I said in an earlier post, I came to the SAME exact conclusions as the Net Detective and I didn't even PUT much time into it. All I did was make some casual observations over the course of a few days.

Like I also said...(Like Net Detective said)...that doesn't necessarily HAVE to mean that it's YOU! It could mean that it's someone using your computer!

Either way though...I'm sorry, but it does look as though the trail leads back to You! :-(

I will tell you something else. A poster in my String in the other web site I go to is having A LOT of trouble with someone who got into her computer! They told me about it a last week but I just saw a post about it in the string this morning. The person that gets into her computer "reads" and "listens" to everything she writes! They know EVERY PLACE she goes. It's been a real horror for her. She's even contacted the authorities. (She lives in Alaska.) She's pleading for help.

Anyone out there have any suggestions?

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