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I agree with you totally ! I have always felt that way. (Re the nicks) As has been stated here ad infinitum....there are ways of being "identifiable" without being "identifiable".

To ALL of the "Anonymouses"

1.) If you don't want to give out your regular E-mail address here then get a free HOTMAIL one.

2.) Choose a "Nickname" that is other than your given name but use it consistently. It gives you the same privacy that Anonymous does....but with some amount of credibility.

In the other web site I go to, it's ~Spiritual~/~Metaphysical~...and we all have "Nicknames". At one point in time there was the ability to be "Anonymous" with a Nick called: The Observer and just as it happened got abused. The web master removed that "privelige" and peace was restored.

I don't care if you call yourself "Toilet Paper"....just pick SOME kind of name.

It's actually kind of fun!

Of course, when you get {{{closer}}} to someone, THEN we exchange given names....

...but the flow is always a natural one...and whatever comes...just comes! Whatever doesn't come...doesn't come!

I still vote for the ABOLISHMENT of the "Anonymous" Nick.

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